November 30, 2018-

Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association

Everyone loves the outdoors and experiencing new destinations. In fact, there are nearly 5.8 Million Canadians who like to camp as a lifestyle, with nearly 55% still using a Tent or other means to cover themselves from the elements while about 40% are now enjoying Recreational Vehicles as their “Home away from Home” according to the Canadian Camping and RV Council in a survey conducted in 2015.

The differences of comfort are obvious, but what is best for you and your family? We will try to provide you with a summary of the differences to help you answer some questions and decide for yourself.

Tent Camping is the original way of camping outside in nature and the most inexpensive. When people think about camping, they invariably associate camping with tent setup and a campfire, which is only a part of a larger picture. Whether you are planning an overnight trip outdoors, a weekend getaway or just a day trip, you should look at turning in your Tent for a Tent Camper RV.

10 Reasons Why Pop Up Camping is More Fun Than Tent Camping

There you go, hopefully we can some motivation that it is time to upgrade from Tent Camping! Stop by an RV Show near you to shop and compare about what Tent Camper RV is right for you and your family’s next camping trip. For a listing of CRVA Manufacturers, here is the link: