Where can I learn more about the RV Lifestyle?

There are many resources and opportunities to learn more about RVs and the RV Lifestyle. We recommend that you visit Go RVing Canada to learn all about RVing and how it can enhance your life experiences. Check out bloqs and posts from current RVers and make sure to take the opportunity to visit a nearby RV Show. We would love to hear from you if you ever have any questions. Contact us at info@crva.ca if would like more information.

What standards are Recreational Vehicles built to in Canada?

Recreational Vehicles sold in Canada must be built to either the CSA Z240 RV Series Standard or the RVIA NFPA 1192 Standard for all RVs except for Park Model Trailers which are built to the CSA Z241 Park Model Trailers Series Standard. To ensure that your RV is built to these safety standards, make sure that the respective sticker is affixed to the side of your RV near the door.

Are there any upcoming RV shows organized by CRVA?

A:  Check our “Events” section for the date of upcoming shows operated by the CRVA and our Dealer Partner Provincial Associations.

What are the most popular types of RVs in Canada?

A. Canada has a diverse range of RV enthusiasts. Popular types include travel trailers, fifth-wheels, motorhomes, and pop-up campers.

What is a Recreational Vehicle?

RECREATIONAL VEHICLE” shall mean a vehicle designed to provide temporary living, sleeping or eating accommodation for travel, vacation, seasonal camping or recreational use and designed to be driven, towed, transported or relocated from time to time whether or not the vehicle is jacked up or its running gear is removed, and with a size as defined by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and accepted in the Provincial jurisdiction..

A recreational vehicle shall not be used as the principal place of residence of the occupant. A Recreational Vehicle shall include units further described as a Motor Home, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel Trailer, Truck Camper, Folding Camping (Tent) Trailer or a Park Model Trailer.

How can I get in touch with CRVA?

A: Visit our “Contact Us” page for all contact details, including phone, email, and our office address.

What are the benefits of becoming a CRVA member?

A: CRVA Members enjoy benefits such as industry representation, exclusive reports, access to industry research and statistics, and more.

How can I become a member of CRVA?

A: Visit our “Membership” section on the website and follow the instructions provided.

How long has CRVA been in existence?

A: CRVA has been serving the Canadian RV industry since 1975.

What is the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA)?

A: The CRVA is a national non-profit association that represents Manufacturers, RV Industry Parts Suppliers and other entities within the RV industry in Canada.