Kidde Fire Extinguishers

January 15, 2018
To: All United States and Canadian Recreational Vehicle Dealers Re: Kidde Plastic Handle Fire Extinguishers
Kidde Push-Button Pindicator Fire Extinguishers

In November 2017, Kidde announced a fire extinguisher recall in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada. As part of this recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has communicated its own recall (NHTSA Recall No. 17E-062) as some of these affected fire extinguishers were used in motor vehicles, including recreational vehicles.
Kidde has determined that certain fire extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to activate, posing a risk of failure to discharge. In addition, the nozzle can detach with enough force to pose an impact hazard. As a result the following plastic handle fire extinguishers and push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers are being recalled1:

Plastic handle fire extinguishers: The recall involves 134 models of Kidde plastic handle fire extinguishers. The extinguishers were sold in red, white, and silver, and are either ABC or BC-rated. A full list of the impacted models can be found on

Push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers: The recall involves eight models of Kidde Pindicator fire extinguishers. The no-gauge push button extinguishers were sold in white and red and with a red or black nozzle. A full list of the impacted models can be found on

The RV recall population will span at least fifteen model years (model years 2003 through 2018. For units produced in 2007 and beyond, the date of manufacture is a 10-digit date code printed on the side of the cylinder, near the bottom. Digits five through nine represent the day and year of manufacture in DDDYY format. Date codes for recalled models manufactured from January 1, 2007 through August 15, 2017 are 00107 through 22717.

1 Please Note: The metal handle/valve fire extinguishers are NOT included in this recall. The unaffected models include the Kidde Professional line, Badger branded extinguishers and the recently introduced disposable metal handle/valve extinguishers.

Please inspect both new and used RVs in your inventory and identify any units that contain Kidde fire extinguishers affected by the product recall. If a recalled fire extinguisher is found, it must be replaced prior to the retail sale of the RV. The replacement will be at no cost and can be arranged by contacting Kidde at the RV “dealer only” toll free number at 855-262-3540 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or you may go on-line at, click on “Product Safety Recall” and follow the prompts.1 Please be prepared to provide the following information:

• Model number for the recalled fire extinguisher
• Date code off the fire extinguisher
• VIN# of the recreational vehicle
• Business name and address
• Contact name, phone number and email address

Your dealer order will be processed and receive expedited shipping to provide you with the quickest turn-around time. As part of the replacement process, you will be sent instructions for returning the defective extinguisher(s) to Kidde for disposal free of charge.
Retail owners will be notified separately by mail and will be instructed on how to identify if their RV contains a recalled fire extinguisher and how to request a free replacement fire extinguisher. In the event that an owner contacts you and requests assistance in replacing a recalled fire extinguisher please direct them to contact Kidde Toll Free at 1-855-262- 3540 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday, or online at and click on “Product Safety Recall” for more information. This includes recalled fire extinguishers outside of the model year range above.
It is a violation of federal law for you to sell or lease a new RV covered by this notification. In addition, it is also a violation to sell a fire extinguisher covered by this notification.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Sincerely,

Walter Kidde Portable Equipment, Inc.
cc: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Transport Canada

1 Other websites with information about the Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall are: