Thor Industries CEO Bob Martin told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday that the coronavirus pandemic has helped highlight the benefits of using recreational vehicles to travel.

“You’ve got people that may not want to cruise for a while, they may not want to fly for a while, and they look at this lifestyle as a way to self-isolate, a way to spend time with your family,” Martin said in a “Mad Money” interview, while also noting that international travel is less of an option.

“A lot of people, we can’t leave the country … and it’s a way for us to really just enjoy the United States,” added Martin, whose company makes the iconic Airstream trailers, among other brands. “In Europe it’s the same thing. They’re enjoying more of their homeland, and we seem to fit the need right now.”

Martin said Thor has heard from dealers and customers alike that people who may have never considered buying an RV before are doing so now. Martin touted the safety and convenience benefits of using an RV to get from point A to point B, “with your own bed, your own bathroom, your own kitchen.”

“You really only have to stop to get gas,” Martin said.