by  | Mar 9, 2022

The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association reports that RV Wholesale Shipments into Canada for the 4th quarter ending Dec.31 totaled 13,354 units compared to 9,050 in 2020, representing an increase of 47.6%. Total RV wholesale shipments into Canada for the year totaled 57,701 versus 29,150 units in 2020, representing an increase of 97.9% for period.

Using data compiled by Statistical Surveys, RVDA of Canada reported that retail activity during the 4th quarter totaled 4,563 units and when compared to the wholesale shipment figure of 13,354, indicating that Canadian RV Dealer Inventory levels started to replenish from previous lows..

CRVA expects that dealer inventory levels will continue to build into 2022 but that it will take the next 1-2 years to fully establish inventory to historical industry levels.