May 8th, 2020

The Canadian RV Association (“CRVA”) has joined the Association of Atlantic RV Parks and Campgrounds and its members in their advocacy efforts to allow Private Campgrounds to open in Newfoundland and Labrador in Level Alert 4 instead of Alert Level 2 which would delay their season well into July and devastate Campground Owners and disappoint RVers in the Province.

CRVA cites that The Association of Atlantic RV Parks and Campgrounds is dedicated to providing a safe and secure camping experience and  has been working diligently with their members to put together recommended health and safety guidelines that the Province could use as a reference to deliberate a change in policy to allow for Private Campgrounds to open earlier at Level Alert Stage 4.

“We are confident that our campgrounds and their consumers will follow these recommended guidelines that would allow the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador an our campers to continue to self distance while they are able to enjoy the outdoors in their Recreational Vehicle and our beautiful destinations” said the Association of Atlantic RV Parks & Campgrounds in a release.

“The great advantage of Recreational Vehicles are that they are a self contained unit” said Shane Devenish, CRVA’s President. ” Our RVs are truly a home away from home and provided that there is a electrical and water supply along with the ability to empty the holding tanks, campers do not need to use common washroom areas which seems to be the main area of concern by the Health Department in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, this is a not always known about camping in Recreational Vehicles”

The Canadian RV Association held their Annual General Meeting in St. John’s in 2018 and the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada had scheduled theirs in St. John’s in July of this year.

“We met many of the great residents of Newfoundland and Labrador when we were here in 2018” said Devenish. “During the past couple week, we have been receiving hundreds of messages from RVers who understand the Province’s health concerns but are anxious to start their camping season. We have learned that Newfoundlanders are passionate about enjoying the outdoors and their RVs and we have found them to be extremely hard working, loyal and honest. We are confident that they will follow these rules”

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